Sandy Is The Agent With the Buyers!

Experience and Guarantee

Sandy Casella has over 30 years of Real Estate experience and was nominated as a Number 1 Realtor in her market place by her clients. Sandy and her team sell more homes than the average agent in The Great Toronto and Hamilton Area!  


Sandy’s extensive knowledge of the real estate market is what enables her and her team to sell homes for 1.2 % more money. $6000 more money
they sell more than twice as fast than the average agent.  

People Ask “How does Sandy Have The Buyers?”

Sandy acquires thousands of home buyers through:
•    Multiple Search Engine Sites 
•    Sandy’s “Hot Home Deals” for those buyers who want exclusive deals not found anywhere else.
•    Sandy markets on multiple websites and social media platforms that allow her to gather thousands of buyer contacts.
•    Sandy has over 5300 buyers in her database looking for homes – this number increases daily

How Can I As A Home Seller Benefit From Sandy’s Buyers?

Sandy’s database contains more than 5300  buyer contacts who have provided their information and a detailed description of their ideal home.
Of these buyers, 98.8%  plan to live in the property/home and call it their own, as opposed to investors.
What this means for you is you are more likely to receive a higher offer on your home and possibly multiple offers in a short time frame.
These buyers are considered “True Homeowners” who are more likely to provide the highest offer.
Your Home May Already be Sold!

Excellent Customer Service

Sandy’s Team prides itself on the quality of our customer service, your expectations and satisfaction of the overall outcome are to maintain the highest profit level and to ensure the easiest transition in selling your home.
We guarantee that going with our real estate service; you will benefit from our full-service company and not leave one penny on the table.
We take your privacy seriously.
Your personal information is collected to send you the additional information that you requested about the real estate, mortgage, and affiliated products and services. If we cannot provide a product or service it may be provided by another agent or broker. For details please see the real estate marketing website privacy policy.

Call Sandy now and start PACKING!